Flowers On The Go ??

When you think you’ve come to the end of your creative limits, you find one more way to apply crochet to the wider world of art and upcycling.  Julie Kornblum apparently came upon an errant hubcap and decided it looked like it could become a flower.  Voila!  Wall art is created!  Old hubcaps (either metal or more likely plastic) and plarn (plastic bag yarn) blend together in the hands of this imaginative artist and become appealing decorative wall art.  Why Oh Why can I not come up with these great ideas?

There is more engaging art on Kornblum’s blog.  Take a gander at these hanging sculptures created from crocheted plastic bags.

Nose around this blog and you’ll find plenty more examples of crochet and other techniques Kornblum has used to create art from trash.  Recycleart it is!

NOTE:  For a better view of the hubcap art, click here .


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