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crochet rain cloud mobile


I show you this mostly for inspiration.  Caitlin doesn’t offer a pattern, but you can reproduce this yourself from the numerous pictures on her blog.  Why do I like this so much?  I absolutely adore dangly things.  A lot of my freeform crochet winds up with all kinds of beads, charms, and buttons hanging from all the unwoven in ends.  I absolutely adore beads and really like the way these will catch the sunlight above baby’s bed.  The beads Caitlin has used look remarkably like rain drops, don’t you think?  I don’t have a baby to hang this for, but I’m likely to make one to hang in the corner of a room anyway.  So there!

PS:  This picture really does not do justice to Caitlin’s design.  Please visit her blog and look at her other pictures to get the full experience of her rain cloud.


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