I’m not really a doll person. I’ve always been a ‘tomboy’. My 22 year old daughter is the same way. The only doll she ever had that she liked was one of those Water Babies. I even liked those – as much as I like any doll.

Recently, a friend who knits gave me a bag full of dolls and patterns for doll clothing. These I passed along to a friend who collects dolls and now has two little granddaughters to crochet for. One of the dolls in the bag was really cute. Well, all four were cute, but one that was dressed as a white, crocheted, beaded angel appealed to me. These dolls had been dressed with such care. Their hair had seen better treatment than my own hair! Someone had lovingly crocheted and decorated these dolls that were now castoffs. It felt right to find them a good home. Most of the doll patterns in that bag were for knitted patterns. So, I decided to find out what kind of crochet patterns were out there for dolls.

First, I discovered, much to my dismay, that dolls come in a lot of different sizes. From Barbie up to Cabbage Patch and several sizes in between, there are patterns for every style of doll. I had never paid any attention to these, Barbies having hit the market when I was a bit old for them anyway, even if I had been interested. I was so totally bored by my friend who spent hours playing with these little creatures that I never paid any attention to sizes. Besides, I had a life-sized baby brother to care for almost full time by the time I was 10 years old! Dolls? Who needs dolls?

So, here’s what my search has revealed. If you’re a Barbie advocate, there are plenty of patterns in print for you. Here are two that were linked from Bev’s Country Cottage Site:


Martha at Stargazer also has a gazillion patterns for your Barbie:

The Cindy dolls (not to be confused with Sindy dolls) seem to be quite popular. Here’s a cute free pattern for your Cindy:


And, what about those Paradise Dolls? They certainly aren’t for kiddies – or for people who don’t want to spend big bucks on their dolls. But, they’re truly beautiful works of art! Check out this pattern for Princess Diana and her bridesmaids:

Cabbage Patch freebie patterns seem more difficult to find. But, they’re out there! Here’s one: (Remember that preemie newborn patterns will sometimes work for your dolls too.)


Here are the best sites I could find for free crochet patterns for your dolls of all sizes: has 205 free patterns for your dolls. has OODLES of pattern links listed. most of these are for Barbie. is’s site offering patterns for all size dolls.

There are also patterns to crochet to furnish dolly’s ‘house’, bedroom, and even car, especially for Barbie and Ken. They actually have nicer furnishing in their ‘house’ than I do in mine! Maybe I need to get busy and crochet more full sized goodies for my abode.

In the meantime, if you are a doll lover, you’ve got plenty of great patterns online to keep you hooks and fingers busy.

Disclaimer: I have no connection to any of the sites listed above.

ADDENDUM:  Several people have posted asking for help finding the patterns shown here.  I have no more active links to these patterns than is shown – but there are lots of Barbie links at Bev’s site.  I suggest you spend some time browing Bev’s many links or email her to get more specifics.


  1. says

    My daughter would love to see this post. She has (too) many Barbie dolls that she makes clothes for. Sometimes I’ll accidentally make things for them like rugs and hats (that were supposed to be things in the “real world”).

    Once I crocheted a pair of pants for Ken but somehow they didn’t come out quite right. *shrug*

    I’ve never been good at following patterns…


  2. says

    I was trying to find the two barbie patterns that was listed here. It says they were at bevs country cottage, but I was not able to find them. I would love to knit these for my granddaughter. Can you please send them to me? You help would be much appreciated.


  3. Marcela says


    Like the previous post (1/23/09) I’m also trying to find the two crochet dresses for Barbie in Bevs Country Cottage. Do you happen to remember how you found them?

    Thank you.

  4. Terrie Breezee says

    I started crocheting dresses for the 15″ dolls. The patterns were given to me by a dear friend. To my dismay Michaels Craft Store quit selling them. I’m desparate. Please let me know where I can find these dolls. Thank you

  5. says

    Creating patterns for your Barbie doll is quite difficult but in some aspects if you are willing to learn on how to have a good result for your Barbie dolls here’s my online site for you.


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