One of my favorite products has been hard to find.  But, I just found where to purchase it!  I haven’t used this website yet, so I can’t speak to their worthiness, but the fact that they carry Aleene products speaks volumes to me.


The product I want to share with you is Aleene’s Tack It Over And Over.  This is a glue that you brush on to the back of an item you want to use as a brooch or applique.  The glue remains ‘tacky’ so that it’ll adhere the applique or brooch for the day.  Then, you remove the applique and store it on a piece of plastic wrap to keep the tacky surface clean.  Next time you want to use that particular item, just remove it from the plastic wrap and stick it where you want it!

It’s not fool proof and one coating doesn’t last forever.  But, it’s easy to reapply and works really well for items with not much weight, say, a pretty crocheted flower (like the freebie pattern from Fire Mountain Gems linked above) that you want to wear on your favorite sweater.  Yeah, you can use pins.  But some fabrics and other surfaces don’t appreciate having holes put in them (think Ultrasuede).  Using this glue creates the ‘pin’ with no holes.

Aleene’s products are all superior, IMO.  I’ve used them for years in a variety of crafts.  They’ve never failed me.  I loved Aleene’s show when it was on TV.  I had more time to do general crafts in those days and tried my hand at a lot of different things.  That show was such an inspiration.  They even had the original little ‘Crochet Corner’ every week.

I miss Aleene, but I’m happy to discover that her glues are still available.  I’ll be ordering them from this site soon.

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