Geometry, A New Way To Crochet

Have you seen this excellent book?

Geometrics, A New Way To Crochet by Ruthie Marks.


The concepts in this book are mathematical and are not new – but are presented in a way that even an innumerate mathphobe like me can understand, appreciate, and USE!

Since the popular book, The DaVinci Code, presented the term ‘golden ratio’ for the first time to many of us, I’ve been intrigued with the visual concepts represented by the terms golden ratio and golden triangle. Marks explores these terms by interpreting them in crochet. It seems that there is truth to the assertion that our minds and eyes truly enjoy the dimensions of the golden ratio and golden triangle. I could try to explain these terms to you, but, aw shucks, Marks does it so well that even I can understand them.

In this book, Marks covers some other interesting terrain; Dragon Curves and Fibonacci Sequence. Fibonacci sequence is a really simple mathematical principle like this:




You start with a number and add that number and the one next to it in any sequence to create your new number. This is especially helpful in crochet if you want to create an interesting stripe. Using the Fibonacci Sequence and Color A and Color B, you would have 1 stripe of Color A, then 2 stripes of Color B, then 5 stripes of Color A and so forth. If this is no clearer than aluminum foil to you, get this book and you’ll understand it and see nice examples of how to apply it to your crochet.

Here’s another nice example of the use of the Fibonacci Sequence:

This ‘must have’ book’s specs:


112 Pages

Kooler Design Studio

ISBN 1601401442


  1. Jasmine says

    I have this book and love it. I actually made that star blanket for my sister. She loved it!


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