Gimme Five!


Five fingers – finger crochet!  Or, you can make this using a large crochet hook and a simple chain stitch.  What a great way to recycle raggedy tee shirts or those that remind you of things better left alone (think High School Musical tees, for instance).  I bet you can have an armful of these made up by tomorrow!  Just use this simple tutorial if you want to finger crochet them – or use the instructions for creating the strips of fabric and use your favorite crochet hook!

Now, since I sometimes like a bit of glitz, I’d take a side trip to Goodwill and find one of those metallic printed tunic tees from the 1970’s and create the strips o feature the metallic design.  Oooh.  Some of them even had ‘jewels’ glued into them.  Remember those?  You could incorporate a ‘jewel’ into your bracelet with a bit of fabric glue.  Oy!  My mind is going to all kinds of places.  Adding charms.  Sewing on buttons.  What about tie-dyed tees?  Ok, enough.  I gotta get to creating those strips to crochet me a bracelet!

PS – If you’d rather finger knit you can check out Sarah (the Creative Jewish Mom’s) blog article with tutorial here.


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    I am soooooo going to make these! It’s great that this is my sisters favorite fabric and she sews… She got this stuff every where in scraps :)

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