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In case you haven’t heard, I volunteer in an inner city school with grades K thru 8.  I work mostly with the middle schoolers, but I am a reading tutor too, so I have a second grader who gets my undivided attention for an hour each week.  Not enough, but better than nothing.  Last year, I taught after school enrichment sewing.  It was not a huge success.  I had 8 students and only won working sewing machine so there was lots of down time.

This coming school year, I will be teaching crochet as the enrichment class – and the principal wants me to grade the students.  That’s a drag.  But, it might be interesting.  I am getting excited about teaching the middle schoolers how to crochet.  Two of them are knitters.  I think one has learned to crochet from a grandmother.  I’m not a fantastic crochet teacher, but I’m willing to give it a go.  At least, each kid can have his/her own hook and yarn.

For our first project, we will make a dish cloth.  After that, I need some ideas for simple beginner projects that will interest boys.  The girls are easy.  We can make scrunchies, bracelets, headbands, etc.  But, what do I come up with for boys?  I need some help here.  These are boys in grades six, seven, and eight.  Caps are out of the question since these African American kids assure me they do not wear caps.  I’ll take their word for that.

To make this interesting and to get your creative juices flowing, I’m making this a Giveaway.  To the person who sends in the best (IMO) beginner project for boys with a link to a pattern online (or some other source), I’ll send a great new crochet book that I have recently reviewed here.  We won’t be doing ripples for the beginners, but this book is just too cool for you not to have it in your library.  So, it’s the prize.

One entry per person.  The Giveaway is open from now through midnight CDT, August 15, 2014.  School resumes August 12, 2014 but my first enrichment class will not be until the following week, so I have some planning time.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a great, simple, beginner project that will appeal to tween boys.  You game?  Post your entry in the Comment Section below being sure to INCLUDE YOUR POSTAL ZIP CODE.

Get busy!  This book is very cool and you’ll love it even if you’ve never worked up a ripple project before!  Looking forward to seeing some great ideas from you.  Should more than one person post the same project which I consider to be the winning entry, theperson who posted it first will be deemed the winner.  I am the only judge for this contest so you only gotta please me!



  1. Marie says

    In teaching my kids to crochet I used the basic dish cloth as a starter. It is small and there are numerous patterns to choose from, but because it is small they see the finished product in short time. Makes them feel they have accomplished something and as a mom I can use what they have created every day. You can find lots of easy patterns here:

  2. says

    My thirteen year old nephew loved this so much that he wanted to make one himself but in funny colors. He even wore it as part of his halloween costume last year!!! Hope this helps!!

  3. Kelley says

    My neighbor boys (elementary and middle school) love and wear all the time the simple double crochet bracelets that I made for them. They actually requested them. I don’t have a pattern, just chain a circle, then double crochet in the chains. Fast and easy.

    zip code – 40217

  4. says

    they could make totes for them or others , they could also make pillows for there mothers for mothers day or Christmas. There is also many ideas for Christmas decorations they could make which would someday be a treasured possession to there family . zip code 97236

  5. Joyce says

    I just made a mini ipad over for my daughter’s best friend. He picked out the colors and I just made a rectangle of single crochets in a chunky yarn and seamed up the sides. He loved it. 48336

  6. ShyVi says

    make a long chain
    Roll it up leaving about 1-1/2 ” for a tail
    ans an inch or so for the head.
    Glue together from the back
    Glue on googly eyes
    you have a snail!

  7. Deb Weston says

    I agree with you that a dishcloth is a good choice as a beginners project. You could also do simple granny squares. My first project was a granny square that I just kept making bigger and bigger until it was big enough for a full/queen size bed. I made it when I was pregnant with my first. She will be 30 years old next week and the afghan is still holding together well. I taught all 3 of my children how to crochet and every once in a while one of them will pick up a hook and yarn and make something but they prefer me to make it for them.

  8. Janet Cobb says

    Sorry, I forgot to include my zip! I realize I’m kinda far down the posts, hope you see this!

  9. caroline says

    Maybe a nice cover for their iphone, phone or tablet ?
    They can use different stitches, colors…. and use their imagination ! How awesome is that ? I think it’s pretty cool 😀 !
    Maybe after that, they can make one for their mother or girlfriend ?
    Hope you get some fantastic ideas, your plan is great by the way !!
    Caroline ( from holland so my zipcode is very strange for you, it’s 1943ms)

  10. says

    I believe that the Crocheeeet Amish Puzzle Ball, one of the 3 links that I sent, will be the easiest for a Newbie… Boy of any age group. My ZipCode is 95935

  11. says

    Cellphone holders! They probably all have cellphones or know someone in the family who does, so they could give it as a gift, and it would be so easy to make! They would also learn how to sew them together. The basic pattern could be single crochet, but the measurments would depend on the size of the phone. They could decorate them with applique, and you could download different applique for men/boys such as sports and have different buttons available, or they could leave them plain.

  12. jenny hoganson says

    My tween son loves his lego blanket and it is rather easy to make and thought that your sons too would love it. There is also a lego themed beanie on the page. There is even a video tutorial to help them out as patterns can be tricky to read sometimes. They also can do it in whatever colors they like. My son chose a black border instead of the grey border that is shown in the pictures. I hope they enjoy it!
    my zip code is 80909 Thank you

  13. says

    this can be done in almost any yarn and is basic stitches that might be a good go with for the boys… a wallet
    looks easy enough for a beginner.. may need a little help towards the end

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