Crochet For Baby – And Win The Book!

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Tammy Hildebrand has authored a new book that will be a ‘must have’ for all who crochet for babies and tots.  “Crochet For Baby All Year” is Tammy’s new book and it’s full of cutie-patootie fashions that will have you rushing to your yarn stash!

There are patterns in this book for every holiday and occasion.  Some of my favorites include the adorable Queen of Hearts Cardigan Set that is set off so stylishly by a ‘crown’ that accompanies the outfit.  The crown alone will be a favorite.

For ladybug lovers, there is a cute little overall set and cap that bring out the essence of summer and playtime.  Dads will be very pleased with the Game Changer jersey, booties, and hat that are football themed.  Again, the cap alone is a winner!

But, for Halloween, Tammy has cornered the market on cute!  The dinosaur outfit will have you laughing and pulling out your camera to share the ‘look’ with all your friends.  You won’t believe the stuffed dino tail until you see it!  The cute little cheerleader outfit will work well for Halloween too.

And for Christmas, Tammy has a Santa ‘tux’ look for a boy and an adorable Little Miss Snowball dress and cap, set off with glistening white novelty yarn.

You’ll find lots more in this book that will have you yearning to crochet for the little ones even if you don’t have any at your home.  All in all, Tammy has more than one pattern for each of the 12 months.  You’ll find dresses, coveralls, caps, headbands, and booties to dress the tots for every occasion – most for both boy and girl.

Each pattern is accompanied with a sketch and good photographs.  There is a very handy thumbnail Index at the back of the book and a helpful list of yarn suppliers should you need to purchase just the right yarn.  If you like to crochet for the little ones, this book is for you!

WANT TO WIN A COPY OF THIS BOOK FOR YOURSELF?  Post in the Comments Section below – INCLUDE YOUR ZIP CODE for verification – and a note about what sort of holiday outfit you might want to crochet for a baby or tot.  I will choose a winner at random from all qualified entries.  A qualified entry must include your postal zip code (from anywhere in the world).  The Giveaway runs from now through midnight CDT on July 31, 2014.  Get posting!

Book Specs:

Published by Stackpole Books (, 2014

120 pages large soft cover

ISBN:  9780811713245

List Price:  $21.95 USD




  1. Wendy says

    I am presently tracking down the Christmas outfit to make for my Great Grandson who will be arriving late October. He will be the second Great Grandson but the only one that lives close enough for me to hold. Wendy Zip Code 98375

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