Crocodile Giveaway

If you’re not familiar with this book, you can see my review of it in this article.  I can think of a couple ways I could use this stitch that are not included in this book.  How would you use the crocodile stitch?  Post the most interesting idea in the Comment Section below and you just might win this copy of the book!  A brief description, explaining what you would design and how it would incorporate this motif will work fine.  Should you happen to have a picture of an item you’ve crocheted using the crocodile stitch – that is your own design – all the better.  But a picture is not required.

The contest will run until April 30, 2012 with the winner being announced on this blog shortly thereafter.  Be sure to include your Zip Code in the entry along with the description (with or without a picture) in the Comment Section below.  One entry per person.  The idea must original, not one that is already in print or on the internet.  I will be the sole judge of the entries – and I have my prejudices.  That’s just the way it is!

Note:  Entries sent to my personal email will not count.  Entries must be posted here in the Comment Section.



  1. Deb says

    I think anything that has scales on it would be awesome, for ex: bird for feathers; angel wings would be awesome.

  2. Debbie O. says

    60033 Winning this would make a great birthday present for myself (4-30) I have some really pretty omega crys type yarn in black with gold that I would use to make an long boho style skirt with an eleastic and drawstring waist. It would be similiar to the spiral skirt by Art of Tangle. I would do 3 sections of the crocodile stitch each section being about 5 in. wide to give the skirt a tiered effect. Since I have alot of this yarn I may even try a peasant top to go with the skirt using the crocadile stitch as the body and a simple single crochet yoke.

  3. Wendy Blakely says

    I don’t know how many entries we can do. My youngest daughters ages 9,6 and 3 were shown your stitch. The suggested sun tops and matching skirts and sun hats to go to the beach this summer. Thanks for your unique stitch.
    zip code 75686

  4. Carolyn Stephens says

    I would like to learn the crocodile stitch and then use is to make a baby blanket. I can just see those tiny hands “fiddling” with the ridges the stitch make.

  5. Alix Ginsburg says

    I have never worked with this stitch and am always up for something new and creative. I could see doing a baby blanket with this stitch. I have a new great niece and would to do it for her.

  6. Pattianne says

    Would Love to have this book. I think even my picky DDIL would love something in the very sophisticated crocodile st!

  7. Kat B says

    I would learn the stitch to make a new jacket for my puppy. She doesn’t fit in “for sale” jackets so I make her jackets. Now that she is full grown, I think the crocodile stitch would look cute and be warm. I would just have to figure out how to create it. I used front and back post stitches for Her “last years” jacket.


  8. Karen D. says

    I have been dying to try this stitch. I’ve seen some lovely things made while browsing the internet. Wouldn’t the crocodile stitch be a hoot as a bathing suit-done up in cotton thread/yarn?
    Zip code 32966

  9. Carmen says

    I think it would be neat to create a sweater with a “plain” stitch (like single crochet) and crocodile stitch sleeves. Maybe even a row of crocodile at the hem and neckline.


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