Hearts A Plenty – And A Giveaway For YOU!

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I like hearts!  When I run across pretty crocheted hearts on the internet, I hoard them – the patterns, the pictures, etc.  Can’t have too many of them!  So, I thought I’d share a couple of my latest discoveries with you.  I’m hoping that YOU will post some here for me and the other readers.  Links are perfect.  Just post them below. The clever and alert reader who posts the most enticing heart pattern (free, for sale, or an original pattern with a valid link to a picture of each) will win a copy of this great new book.

How To Make 100 Crochet Appliques boook

Rules?  Yes, there are rules.  One entry per person.  Entry must be posted below in the Comment Section AND must contain a link to a picture of the heart AND your zip code for identification purposes.  If more than one person posts a link to the same wonderful heart, the one who posts it first will be declared the winner.  I am the sole judge of this Giveaway and I have my prejudices.  That’s just the way it is.

I am looking forward to all of you giving me lots more hearts to look at and perhaps to crochet.  The pattern must be mostly crocheted but may also include beads, felting, knitting, etc.  It should be considered a ‘crocheted’ heart.  Okay?

Please carefully read all directions before you enter this Giveaway!  In the past, there have been great entries that did not contain a zip code or was accompanied by more than one link.  Not following the rules disqualifies your entry – and I want everyone to do it right!

crocheted heart granny stitch


This contest is runs from today through midnight CDST June 17, 2013.  Please be sure your entry is posted within these dates.  I can’t wait to see all the goodies you find for me!



  1. D'Ann says

    I love to make and give hearts. I am working on a garland for a friend to hang on her office door.

  2. Janet Ayers says

    I am planning to make some appliques to sew on some shirts to liven them up a bit and this book would help me do that.

  3. Amy in TX says

    I had a kid nervous about starting school so I used a pattern for a heart coaster, made two with 100% wool yarn, sewed them together and felted them. I stuffed it and added a face, making a friendly little symbol of my love for my daughter to have in her backpack. She absolutely loved it! You can use any heart pattern and any feltable yarn.

  4. Barbara says

    HI Mippy
    I like it too. It was my second choice after a lot of mulling it over


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