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This is one of the most beautiful afghan patterns I’ve ever seen. And, I own this afghan. Well, not this one, but one in this pattern made with partial skeins of LB Homespun yarn. It’s a beauty that was made for me by my friend Ronnie. She’s a master at crochet and seems to enjoy crocheting with Homespun yarn as much as I do.

Homespun is one of those yarns that one either loves or hates. There seems to be no in between. I’m a lover ! The very first full sized afghan I ever crocheted was made long enough for my 6’3″ tall son who wanted a blanket long enough for him. It contains 11 skeins of Homespun in two colors – a charcoal gray and a very pretty red. He loves it. Even more important, his girlfriends have loved it. This afghan has had a lot of use and has held up well. As a result, Homespun is my go-to yarn for anything I want to crochet in a bulky yarn – scarves, caps, afghans, mittens.

It’s also great that LionBrand offers a wide variety of free patterns online for this and all their other yarns. Every year, I fear that LB will pull this yarn as they and other yarn companies have done with favored yarns over time. Dazzleaire (the original) is such a yarn. I hoard the odd skein of it that I run across and friends are on the lookout for it for me too. Nice! One day, I’ll make a huge scrappy afghan of all the assorted colors that were ever produced in that yarn.

If you have a favorite yarn, I’d love to hear about it – as well as why you like it and what projects you prefer to make with it.  Links to pictures of the yarn and or projects will help us understand your choice.  Post that info in the Comment Section below. At the beginning of next month, I’ll pull a winner at random from all the entries (see full rules below) and send off this great new crochet book.

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Contest is open from today through Midnight CST, January 31, 2012.

Each entry must be accompanied by your first name and your zip code (for identification purposes.

One entry per person.

Winner will be chosen at random and will be notified by private email as well as having the winning entry posted on this blog.  Winner must contact me with snail mail info within 48 hours of being announced.  In the event that the winner does not contact me, another winner will be chosen at random.




  1. Maru says

    My favorite yarn is Vanna’s choice from Lion Brand. I like the stitch definition and love the assortment of colors.

    Maru 30518

  2. Mary S says

    I don’t have a favorite yarn – each project has it’s own special yarn, and each yarn it’s own special project. Currently I’m making a series of small items – tiny bags, curtain tie-backs, little tchotchkes – so I’m rockin’ the threads. Earlier in the winter, I was power-crocheting hats to give away (“Hi, I don’t know you, but could you use a hat?”). Any yarn would do; I like to pick up the odd mixed lot thru Ebay, or a grab-bag at Goodwill. It has rather loaded up my bins over the years, but during tight budget times it keeps my hooks and needles a-wigglin’. Sometimes I get a yarn and have to just sit and look at it for a while until I can see what it will become. I got a lovely purple mohair with tiny sequins on Ebay recently – I feel rather guilty, since it was from China – and I’m seeing a soft, lacy hat…for the spring…hmmm…..
    BTW, my name is Mary and I live in Anoka, MN – 55303 is the zip.

  3. Melody says

    Since I am new to crocheting I don’t have favs yet but I would be happy to win this wonderful book and perhaps be able , one day, to make something as gorgeous as that- Melody zipcode 27509

  4. Paula C says

    I love working with homespun as well as many other yarns and thread. I have been restocking my stash after our house burnt to the ground. I just got my order of amazing corn fiber yarn and can’t wait to get started with it. I have been making the few snowflakes from this book that lion brand sent in emails and I love them. The book would be great! Thank you for the chance to win it. Paula 85173

  5. Pat Williams 60156 says

    I am still trying out different yarns, so can’t comment on a particular yarn yet.

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