Lacework For Adventurous Crocheters

Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters

This is a delicious book!  I’m a huge fan of Margaret Hubert’s.  She’s so talented and has authored quite a number of books dedicated to making all of us better crocheters.  The title here pretty much captures Hubert’s attitude about crochet – Adventurous.  (Keep reading for Giveaway details.)

We don’t often think of crochet in terms of lace.  Lace can be made with a variety of techniques with crochet being but one of those.  In this book, Hubert shows us how to use our hooks and thread (or yarn) to create her specialty, freeform, as well as traditional lace, Irish, and Bruges.  Freeform speaks to my soul in a special way.  It’s what I do when I’m unmotivated and have lots of partial skeins to play with, practice new stitches, and refresh old skills.  Irish lace is beautiful, a perennial favorite.  Bruges is one of my favorites to look at and play with.  I have yet to complete a project with it.

In this book, Hubert presents each technique with clear, concise instructions, exacting photography, and LARGE diagrams.  Large!  My aging eyes love that I don’t have to squint to see if my next stitch is a single crochet or a slip stitch!  Then, there are wonderful patterns to practice each technique.  If you get this book for only one thing – make it the Bruges Lace.  The Bruges Lace projects were designed by Tayana Mirer.  I’m going to check her out farther!  You’ll fall in love with her simply designed snowflake, Christmas tree, and the stunning Bruges Lace Shell, a design that will flatter any figure.



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There is a lot of information stuffed into these 144 pages.  I can’t wait to try a bunch of these designs.  They are so yummy looking and so well presented that every crocheter using this book has a great opportunity to improve skills and attain success.  Get your hands on this one.  It’s a keeper! (Keep reading to see how to win yourself a copy!)


Book Specs:

Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters by Margaret Hubert

Creative Publishing International, 2013

Hard back with spiral (lie flat) binding

List Price is $24.99 USD

################################## GIVEAWAY DETAILS  – WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!

Wanna win your very own copy of this great new book?  It’ll be easy.  Here are the rules:

In the Comment Section following this article, post your NAME, your ZIP CODE, and what you’d like to make with lace crochet.  We’d love to see a picture of your WIM (work in mind) if there’s one on the internet – so if there is, go ahead and post a link below too.).

One entry per person – one winner per 3 months so if you’ve won anything here recently, you won’t be able to win this one.

A Winner will be selected at random from all the qualified entries (those that follow the rules just listed).

The winner will be notified by email and must respond within 48 hours to my personal email (crochet at craftgossip dot com)with snail mail specifics.

Now, doesn’t that sound easy??  Contest is open from today through midnight (CST) February 28, 2013.


  1. sandra smith says

    my name is sandy smith and my zip code is 48749. i want to try one of these designs in a crocheted necklace. i would love to win this and choose designs to make them from.

  2. Tracey Blair says

    my zip code is 62420. i’d just love to win this book. might make a shawl , but need to look @ patterns to decide. thanks for the chance!!

  3. Cindy Crooks says

    My name is Cindy. My zip is 97040. I would love to make a parasol for my granddaughter. Not sure which pattern but definitely something delicate and filmy. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  4. Sylvia Price says

    My name is Sylvia Price and my zip is 65721 and what I’d like to do with a selection of patterns is to design my own shawl. I have made many but none are my own. Thanks for the consideration. Sylvia

  5. kim says

    Kim Ratajczyk 62884
    I have been crocheting necklaces with basic stitches and would like to try my hand with some lacier looks.

  6. Kerry Wallis 2456 (Australia) says

    I’d love this book – I have only started dipping my toe into the waters of lace in the last year or so but am gently stretching and challenging myself to do more and better.

    If the overseas postage is an issue, I can certainly help out there.

  7. Michelle Endsley says

    Michelle E. 49058

    I am dying to make some pretty lace to edge some embroidered pillow cases.

  8. Tanya B says

    Tanya, 22551. I would love to crochet a vary lacey shawl for my mom for mothers day. I think she would love it and so would I.

  9. Megan Karetny says

    Megan ~ 08002 I would love to make pretty, feminine, vintage style scarves :) This looks really nice, thanks for this!

  10. Wilma Keith says

    Love her work and would like to see her take on the different types of Lace and their uses. I have done tablecloths, bedspreads and shawls. New ideas are always welcome.

  11. says

    Been wanting to learn more advanced crochet and especially lace! I would like to make a little girls dress with a crochet top . thanks for the cool contest!

  12. Zoey Fisher says

    Hello! I’m Zoey and my zip code is 76137. I think this book would be fabulous to help with my fascination with lace trimmed handkerchiefs and doilies.. I’m still learning a lot about crochet and trying to perfect my stitches with each project. Crochet is such a beautiful and relaxing hobby. I hope I win but congratulate those that do. I’m sure they’ll create amazing things. Ciao.

  13. Kathleen 20732 says

    I totally adore Margarets handwork. She is such a talent. I would like to make a wedding shawl for the fiance of my son. The wedding is in May.

  14. says

    I love, love, love lace. I would use this book to make myself a lacy cardigan, and perhaps a lace ‘dressing gown’ to wear on snowdays, as well as to make edging for a quilt.

    Maureen 64050

  15. Linda Day says

    Linda 11230; I would love to have this book and learn how to make a lace vest… amongst other things! Thanks for the chance!

  16. Christen Howrey says

    Zip 51039

    I love to make and give away baby blankets and my favorite pattern is one on lion brand website call lacy baby blanket. I would love to try new lace patterns for crocheting these blankets.

  17. tammy says

    Tammy Algiere 06379
    I love this book! I dont have a pattern but have been collecting motiffs to make myself a top. I want something to wear over some of my dresser shirts that are a bit to short for comfort. I would also like to find a pattern to lenthen some of my tops. This bok looks perfect for what I have in mind!
    Thank you!

  18. Dani Baird says

    Dani 85613

    I’ve never actually thought about or tried lace crochet, but I wouldn’t mind trying out for the first time. Always looking to try something new.

  19. Mary Bobb says

    Just before Christmas I spotted some crocheted lace and I’ve been so anxious to get started on it. This book looks like it would be PERFECT for me.

  20. says

    I love Margaret Hubert —–

    I have soooo many projects in mind — and so little time!!! A lovely lace stole and a lacy cardigan are the two top projects in my list

    Mary Jane (94116)

  21. Theresa says

    Theresa zip 60506

    I’d love to win this to make a shawl for me! Even the ruffle scarves I was making for me all became gifts to others. I’ll keep dreaming of my shawl.

  22. Mary S says

    Ooooooh…I have the perfect yarn for something lacy. It soft, fine and has just been waiting for the right patterns to come along…zip+4 55303-2876

  23. Wendy Foxx says

    I am a huge fan of Margaret Huber. I love the lace look but am so intimidated with the lack of self esteem in this department. She is a wonderful instructor so hopefully she would be able to give me the push to get over the bump in the road. Thank you for this offer. I am from 73942.

  24. Deb E. says

    Deb E., 91601, and I would love to make lace edging on my skirt and matching jacket sleeve lace edging. Trying to refresh my wardrobe and lace edging would be lovely and do just that.

  25. Jane S says

    I’d love this book. I like to work on light weight projects in hot months. Jewelry is on my list.
    Jane 07016

  26. cathe barron says

    Cathe Barron

    I would think some of these stitches would make a lovely tablecloth…I would also like to make a shawl…and a doily…maybe some coasters…and, well, you get the idea :) There are many projects that would look good with these stitches.

  27. Monica Foster says

    Hi I’m Monica at zip code 63559. It would be great to have a book of stitches that weren’t pineapples or spiderwebs. I make many scarves and have resorted to knitting to get the lacy effect. This book should have many crochet alternatives! Thanks

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