Mollie Makes Christmas – A Giveaway

This sweet book is one I reviewed recently.  You can see that review here.

If you’d like to win a copy of this book, you can enter the Giveaway here and receive the book in time to work up a few of the goodies inside for your own holiday.

To enter, just post a link in the section below to your favorite online craft project that combines crochet with ANY other craft (except knitting).  There are plenty of great projects out there that combine crochet with knitting – but we need to reach farther afield than that.  I’m anxious to see what creative and interesting projects you’ll post for all of us to see and be inspired by.

Remember to include your zipcode along with the link to the project.  BTW, the project can be your original work.  Always happy to see that.  But, it won’t necessarily give you an ‘edge’.  As usual, I’ll be the sole determiner of the winner and I have my prejudices!

So get surfing and post some great projects.  One entry per person please.    This Giveaway is open from today through midnight CST, Friday, November 30, 2012.


  1. Cindy G. says

    I love how crocheting around the edge of some sewn together flannel fabrics kicks the gift of a receiving blanket up a notch. And, I love how the use of a wing needle in this tutorial:
    creates evenly spaced holes in the fabric, making it easier to crochet a nice neat edge!

    (I realize that, as of this posting, that the top of the page says this giveaway is closed, but it’s a new blog post, and the contest is open until the end of the month, so I figured I’d take my chances)

  2. Rose S says

    Years ago in my Grandmother’s patterns I found crocheted collar patterns in thread. I changed some to yarn, made collars to fit sweatshirt necks, sewed them on with my sewing machine, some in same colors as the shirt & some in contrasting colors, really dressed up the shirts. Hadn’t thought about this in years. Your site brought it to mind. Thank you for the memories!

  3. says

    JD, I don’t know if this giveaway is still active or not. You mentioned it still being open on one of the Yahoo groups, and it says at the end of the post that it will be open until the 30th, but at the top of the post it says it’s already closed. *shrugs* Here’s my entry, just in case it really is still open: is one of my favorite crossover patterns. My zip code is 32246. And thank you for all of the awesome giveaways!!

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