Recognize These Angels? Your Chance To Be An Angel And Win A Book!

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I am hoping that my readers can help me and a friend discover the pattern origin for these three cute little angels.  They are probably fairly old, but I’m sure someone will recognize them.

cro angel 2 0314

To make it worth your while, I’ll send a fantastic new crochet book to the first person to identify each of them and send a link to a book, pattern, or magazine so that we can obtain the pattern(s).  This giveaway must be open only to those within the United States of America due to potentially large mailing cost of three books to possible foreign winners.  Sorry ;-(

cro angel 3 0314

This ‘contest’ will be open until Midnight CDT, Tuesday, April 15, 2014.  That’s tax day in the US so everyone can remember it easily.

So, be an Angel and help us find the patterns for these angels.  One entry per person.  If one person is the first to identify more than one of the angel patterns, that winner will receive only one book.  The book will be given to the second person posting the origin of the pattern.  Make sense?  I hope so!  Only one book per winner.

To more easily identify which angel you are attempting to identify, I am designating them like this:

The one at the top on the card is #1;

Tthe one in the middle with the red ribbon is #2;

Aand the bottom two with the pink ribbons are #3.

Be sure to indicate in your entry which of the angels (by #) you are attempting to identify the pattern source for.

For verification purposes, please post your ZIP CODE alone with your entry.


  1. Jo says

    #1 is from 150 Weekend Crochet Projects.
    #3 looks like a variation of Robbie’s Angel (ravelry search will show it)

    second one i know i have seen a pattern for but cannot remember where. sorry

  2. Tisha says

    #1 – This vendor sells the pattern for this pin here:

    #2 – The picture was originally posted in 2007 but her last post was in 2009. However, the OP mentions that her online crochet group (scroll halfway down the page), through their Busy Crocheting Angel Project, sent her this angel. Perhaps the OP can still be contacted for further information about her crochet group and the angel project:

    #3 – Eludes my Google searches for the original source image.


  3. Elizabeth Walsh says

    I believe I have pinned all three of these angels to my board titled “angels crocheted and such”. #1) I believe is titled Angel Ornament by Beth Parsons,
    #2) I believe is by Irene Duquette 10/2001
    #3) Robbie’s Angel Pin by Freddie Short copyright 2001

  4. says

    Don’t have the exact pattern for #1 but have a very similar pattern from a old book, probably from the 70’s. Willing to share.


  5. says

    I found all three on my Pinterest site Elizabeth Walsh, board “crochet angels and such”.
    Angel #1) I believe to be Angel Ornament by Beth Parsons – website
    Angel #2) I believe to be by Irene Duquette @ 19/2001 – website
    Angel #3) I believe is by Freddie Short titled “Robbie’s Angel” – website
    I hope this helps. My zip code is 38572

  6. Mindi says

    #2 still not found. Tried the Tricotine blog, but no pattern there. Tried going to the busy crocheting group, but have to join and it’s a reserved group. Sorry. Still looking.

  7. Dawn Leonard says

    not sure what the patterns are or origins, but the 2nd one my aunt used to make as ornaments for your tree.

  8. Merry Chapman says

    This pattern seems the closest to #2 after a pretty extensive search using many different search engines. Hope this helps, but I do like to collect angel patterns and in my search have collected a few, lol. Here is the pattern I found:

    Merry – zip code 32960
    Sorry I forgot my zip.

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