Got Scraps?

I saw these cute Rosettes that are made by twisting scraps of yarn, I decided they’d be a great way to use up scraps and partial skeins – but I’d make the base yarn by chaining rather than twisting the yarn.  I think that would create an even prettier and more textural look.  What do you think?  You can find the original directions for making these pretties at Hani’s Blog.

Now, I know this next idea of Hani’s will be sacrilege to many crocheters, but it’s a nifty project that might work for you.  Hani explains that this particular crochet piece is special to her and she wanted to use it to update a pretty tray.  I do like the look, but I’d feel bad cutting up a vintage crochet piece to use it this way.  Instead, for this project, I’d be more likely buy a Dollar Store mat or use a thrift store find.  Either way, the out come is charming.  You can get the instructions here.

While you’re visiting Hani’s blog, take a minute to check out her lovely burlap flowers and see how you can adapt her idea to use some pretty crochet flowers in a similar fashion.  Really pretty!


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    Thanks so much for featuring a couple of my projects.. I am so excited and happy. :)
    Well yes a dollar store crochet mat will work well for the tray but the mat I have used was one of the 12, my mom made. :) and I like your ideas of chaining the yarn.
    Have a nice labor day weekend!

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