Granny Doily

Here’s another very quick and attractive idea that doesn’t require a pattern or tutorial.  Using Hindustanka’s pictures, you can make one of these for yourself.  I’d like to see a set of three of them framed and hung on the wall rather than used as a doily.  Your choice of colors would make or break the piece(s).

Hindustanka refers to herself as a beginner.  Part of the charm of this piece is the sort of swirl effect she has achieved.  If you’d prefer not to have that swirl, you can eliminate it easily by turning the piece at the end of each row.  While creating a two sided piece is not important for this piece since you’ll only focus on the front, in larger granny’s that are used for garments and afghans, you might appreciate the piece having no ‘right’ side.  To do that, just turn at the end of each row.  It’s not hard to do once your try it.


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