Have you seen the spring/summer LB catalog??

Lionbrand Country Car Coat - what a beauty!This issue of the Lion Brand Yarn catalog (lionbrand.com) is really a beauty. I hadn’t seen a LB catalog for awhile because they never made it into the mailbox at my house. So, I emailed LB and had them mail it to my office. This catalog is organized differently than the last one I had seen, including a complete index to all pictured yarns and patterns in the back of the catalog. Many of the patterns are freebies, but, of course, the one I MUST HAVE is not free. However, I don’t mind paying for something great, so I’m gonna pop the $3.95 for the beautiful Country Car Coat. In addition to being downright lovely, it also comes in a wide range of sizes, up to 2X. I think LB has finally started listening to the people who buy their patterns and yarn and have begun to include larger sizes in many patterns. I no longer need the plus size patterns for myself – but there are plenty of us out there who DO need them. I mean – what are the yarn companies thinking of by excluding larger sized patterns? Don’t they sell more yarn to those who make larger patterns? Doesn’t that translate into more $$ for them? Cha-Ching! Maybe they finally ‘get it’!

But, I digress. Back to the catalog. Felting is HOT. So they have included their line of yarns that felt well (more on felting in a future blog) and some patterns to boot – cute little birdies and some ballet slippers for the little princess among others.

While the LB catalog continues to highlight knit more than crochet, I feel that the number of crochet patterns is increasing. I loved it when the LB email newsletters included a series of crochet squares patterns. They were scrumptious. AHHH, we are so easy to please. Just give us some eyecandy and all our troubles fade away. There’s plenty of eyecandy in this catalog. OK LB – can I get a kickback??

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