Heavy Duty Crochet Cowl

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I’m a serious walker.  You can see my other blog to learn more about that.  In the St. Louis area, it’s often to cold and blustery to walk outside without protecting my throat from all that cold air.  The very cold air is an asthma trigger for me so I work hard to avoid it.  I have used all kinds of scarves and cowls, zip up high collared tops to cover my ears and mouth, and anything else I could find to protect myself.  Then, I came upon this idea.

The inspiration for this specific cowl was a shop sample of a regular scarf using Schachenmayr Bravo Big Color in the same colorway I eventually purchased.  It’s super bulky and 100% acrylic so that it can be thrown often into the washer and dryer.  Being such a thick yarn, it worked up very quickly.  I started by creating a cylinder/tube that is the circumference that I need.  Then, I simply added a ‘hump’ to one side of it that became the front so the increased height would protect my nose and mouth without fogging up my sunglasses.  That’s a persistent problem.

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So, while I don’t have a specific pattern for you, with these pictures and the information I’ve just provided, I think you can work one up for yourself easily if you have even beginner crochet skills.  The entire project is worked with chains, half double crochets, and single crochets.  No rocket science here!

Sheesh!  Wouldn’t you think I would comb my hair before having a picture taken?  Or turn my fleece right side out?  No.  This is the unadulterated jd after a walk – clothing inside out so the tags won’t bother me, oversized sun glasses, sweaty fleece and cowl.  I did take off my vintage (1970’s) navy blue with red trim down jacket that is reserved for my walking since both the 1970’s and the trash bin are demanding it!  That’s the warmest coat ever – and my dog doesn’t care what I look like when I walk her.  And, I don’t care much what anyone else thinks of my fashion ensemble when I’m walking either!  The cowl is definitely the show-stopper here!

BTW – don’t you just love my ‘after walk’ hair and my snazzy walking clothes?  I’m no fashionista.  However, I probably should try to clean up a bit for photos.  Naw!  This is just for my crochet pals….


  1. xoxlaurelei says

    JD, you are so authentic. We are truly blessed to be the people you share with. Everything you write makes me smile. I sure miss you on here.

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