“Hooked On Crochet” is but one of the books of the talented Candi Jensen.  This book contains ’20 Sassy Projects’ and” includes step-by-step instructions for beginners’.  That’s all on the cover and it’s true!  Especially the part about step-by-step help for beginners.

These twenty projects will appeal, especially to beginner or advanced beginner, to a broad range of crocheters.  The emphasis in this book is on basics, but there are a number of designs that show more ‘sass’ and will ramp up the skills of even the rank beginner.  Joining granny squares, creating mesh, changing colors, and working with mohair are all skills you’ll learn or improve on with this book.  From the simplest double crochet scarf to crocheting a Chanel-type jacket, there is lots to learn here.

That said, many of these designs will appeal to more experienced crocheters too.  You’ll love the Lacy Sleeveless Shell, the Chic Hippie Skirt, and the Diamond Square Pillow (a motif which I’d love to see made into a full sized afghan).


Book Specs:

Storey Publishing, 2004

Twenty projects in 146 pages

Large soft cover

ISBN 1580175473

$18.95 USD


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