How To Crochet – Back To Basics


Some people are really talented teachers.  Some people learn best from hands-on lessons, videos, books, etc.  Everyone has her own learning style.  On her blog, Aesthetic Nest, Anneliese has created an excellent tutorial on crochet basics on her blog.  Her first four articles cover the very simplest elements of crochet  – slip knot, chaining, single crochet, and how to hold your yarn.  In addition to excellent narrative, Anneliese has highly detailed photos and quick videos which are most helpful.

Chain Ponytail Tie

There’s even a cute idea for what to do with those chains all beginners need to practice.  Instant gratification is the very first completed crochet project which can be used right away!

Anneliese has more topics coming up in her continuing How-To-Crochet Series.  Stay tuned for more lessons – and be sure to point them out to any beginner or crocheter wannabe you might encounter.  Her next topic is How To Seam your crochet.  Get to the first lesson here and continue reading.


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