Who knew that there was a crochet luminary so close to my home in St. Louis?

Who knew that a LYS I enjoy visiting would be hosting classes in Advanced Crochet taught by this person?

How is it that I just missed her class in Crochet Cables which I’ve been trying to learn for about a year?

Wait For It………….

The answers are closer and easier than I would ever have thought.

This yarn shop:



http://www.knitandcaboodle.com/ which caters mostly to knitters but is definitely Crochet Friendly is offering the Advanced Crochet classes taught by this Crocheter:



I just discovered that these classes are upcoming, so I’ll be calling the shop tomorrow and emailing them today to be sure I get a place in this class.  I just can’t wait!!

I’ll report back to all of you what I learn in this class.  I’ve admired the work of Ms. Potter in Interweave Magazine, and I’m stoked that I get the chance to meet her in person.

As an aside, should you get the chance to visit St. Charles, Missouri, home of the First Missouri Capitol, you’ll find a charming river front community that is walkable and full of shops to delight you with all kinds of goodies from crafts to food to booze to fine art and antiques.  The streets are cobblestone.  There are wide sidewalks on both sides of Main Street, allowing great window shopping.  There are great restaurants, both casual and fancy, many with outdoor seating.  This street is one block from the Missouri River and is shielded from the glare of the Casinos that now line this area of the river as well as from the nearby Interstate and the progressive retail outlets of Bass Pro Shop (Leave your husband there for 2 or 3 days.  He won’t complain!) and Walmart.  Don’t miss the chance to visit this tiny oasis of Americana.


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