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I write about other blogs all the time.  I’m endlessly inspired and often intrigued by what I find in crochet blogs around the internet.  Some blogs I return to frequently.  Others, I check from time to time.  Some blogs are very professional appearing while others have a more homey feel.  Both ways are fine with me.  I appreciate a competent photographer – which I’m not!  I also love the opportunity that free patterns give me to try my hand with a designer’s work before I pop for the patterns that are charged for.  That said, I’m certainly willing to pay for crochet patterns!  If we want creative crocheters (and other artists) to continue to offer fresh, creative, and inspirational designs, we must be willing to support their efforts – and that usually means we spend a few dollars for a good design.  Word quickly spreads on the internet if a designer’s patterns are not a good value.

Here are some of my latest finds.  Please share your favorites in the Comments Section below – even your own blog – so we can increase our online crochet travels.

Tania Ramualdo’s blog Krio-Linha is one I visit often as her work is so well done and exciting.  She writes in Portugese but Google gives a pretty good translation for us.

You won’t find a more prolific crocheter and designer than Thata Pang.  Here’s a sample of one of her recent offerings:

Scroll down here to find some cool and cute baby caps.  I’m not into the skull and crossbones look – but lots are!  Many cute variations on the theme here.

And, if you don’t find some inspiration on Natalia’s blog, there’s gotta be something wrong with you!

While I might not be able to wear this lovely dress, I certainly admire the design and quality of the stitchery.  Don’t you?

There are so many more wonderful blogs out there.  I could spend hours, days, months, surfing them all.  But, I think I need to crochet some!


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    I agree 100% with everything you wrote, JD!! And I have to say, that crocheted dress is to-die-for!! I definitely pinned that one so all my friends can see it!

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    I traced the dress origin. It has the international/universal instructions to the pattern. I can read those & have made several projects using them. I sent the photo to my daughter & she said “Yes” (meaning she loved it) & also “Now stuff it with the world’s largest pumpkin, & that’s what I’d look like in it!”. Poor thing! *c^ (winkSmile) I’ve been looking for very extremely challenging items to do. And these sights are probably my cup of tea. Also vintage. The more complicated a pattern is, the better I like it. I’ve done patterns by Mon Picot in my younger years. This is why I say that “I was born w/ a crochet hook in my hand”. I inherited “MINE”! Hugs! Sheri ^c^

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