It Should Be Called ‘Yarn’ Dept.

Ok, I know why they call it the Weaving Dept but I think it should be called the Yarn Dept.  What they have rooms and rooms of is YARN! Here’s just a small sample:

Of course, since they call themselves the Weaving Dept, they also sell things like looms – all kinds of looms.  You can also buy a spinning wheel or a drop spindle should you decided to buy some roving and spin your own yarn – but for now, I’ll stick to the fine art of crochet.  After weavers and spinners, they cater to knitters.  But, they are very crochet friendly at this shop and learned long ago (what many other shops still dont’t seem to know) that knitters and crocheters use the same fibers!  So, Nancy and her crew will help anyone find the perfect yarn for a project – from baby acrylic to sock wool blends to angora and such to hardier things like cotton warp.  Weavers need those warp threads for their looms but we LOVE them for crocheting potholders.  Cotton warp is the perfect potholder fiber – tightly wound, mercerized, durable, and available in a huge variety of colors for very reasonable prices.  Oh, and if you want glitz, you can find it here.  There are several racks of yarns on display that are pure glitz – beaded, glittered, sequined – whatever kind of shiny you might want.

They also have classes in all manner of yarn related techniques.  Just call and ask.  I saw this beautiful shawl on display there – and although it’s knit, I’m thinking I can find a way to replicate it in crochet – unless, of course, one of my readers has already done that for me.

WingSpan Shawl

By the way, the Knitter’s Guild of St. Louis meets at the Weaving Dept and the shop has its own Ravelry group.  Check it out!  You can contact the shop here:

180 W. Dunn Rd.
Florissant, MO


Oh, and one more bonus.  It’s on the second floor of the historic (and very cool) Myers House.  On the first floor is a fantastic Quilt Shop – so if you need a fabric ‘fix’ you can get that here too!

UPDATE:  Thanks to reader, Mandy, we have a link to a crocheted version and the free pattern for the Wingspan Shawl.  You can find it on Ravelry here.  Mandy, you’re the best!!



  1. Cindy Garlotte says

    If you all are giving away that yarn I would truely love to have it, my Husband just got laid off on the 4th of July 2012,and I would love to make his family members and mine as well as our little Shitz-tu some really wonderful things for Christmas as well as some shawls for the ladies in my SundaySchool class at Church. That would truely be a BLESSING. Thank-You and GOD BLESS YOU,ALL,Cindy Garlotte

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