Jewelry Catcher?


Do you like Dream Catchers?  I have always thought they were pretty cool.  This idea is a variation on that theme – and one that is very cool.  It ‘catches’ jewelry!

Vanina created this pretty and useful design.  She has a nice tutorial so you can make your own – and she writes in both English and Spanish.  For these samples, Vanina has used purchased doilies.  She suggests, however, that using a doily made by someone important to you will add more meaning to the project.  I agree!  I’d suggest using a doily you’ve made yourself.  There are plenty of free doily patterns out there, so find one you like and get hoppin’!  BTW, you can use yarn to make the doily if you’re not normally a ‘threadie’.  In that case, choose a free coaster pattern and yarn with a suitable hook.  It should work out fine.




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    JD, I totally love this idea! Hers are just gorgeous. In fact I have 2-3 of the brass rings hanging around for just that purpose, but have never got around to it! Thanks for sharing.

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