Sometimes I wish I had a Kindle or Nook.  I’m truly conflicted about this as I’m an inveterate book lover (click here for more info on this topic).    But, if I had one, I’d love to crochet myself a cozy for it like this pretty one.

Kindle Cozy

This pattern is especially nice because it gives instructions for adding a fabric liner.  The instructions for the cozy can be adapted to any size reader and the method of creating the fabric liner is basic enough to adapt to creating a purse liner too.  This kind of pattern is one I like to have in my library – a great, adaptable resource that I’ll use again and again.

The other nice touch is the ‘gem’ used to embellish the cozy.  One could use a lovely antique button or a modern whimsical button, an antique brooch, or even an orphaned earring or cufflink.  I’ve got plenty of most of those things stashed in the corners of my craft room.  They really add a personal touch to many crochet projects.


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