Last Minute Chanukkah

Little Gelt (gold or goodie) Bags like this are traditional for Chanukkah.  This pattern is free and very quick and easy.  The pattern would work fine for other occasions too.  Young children love to have small ‘treasure’ bags to stash all kinds of goodies in.  This would be perfect for them.  One nice thing about these simple, little bags is that you can make them with any yarn (preferrably durable and washable), in any color, and embellish with any sort of applique, buttons, beads, etc.  But, for Chanukkah, this one is perfect.

Note:  Nobody seems to agree on the spelling of the word Chanukkah.  This is the spelling I grew up with, but most others are acceptable – Hanukkah, Hanukah, Chanukah, Channukah, etc.

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