Lazy Crochet

When I saw this idea, I just had to share.  Matilda uses a sewing machine to finish off the cut edge to create the cardigan, but I’d use a pretty scrap of yarn to crochet over that raw edge – just to make it crochet!  Changing the buttons could really add a lot of pizazz too!

If you don’t already own a cardigan you want to cut up, go to the thrift store (or your friend’s closet – with her permission) to get one in a color you love.  Then get out your scissors and make yourself a cowl.  Truly crochet for the lazy person!  Get yourself here for the tutorial.  I can imagine making one in Christmas colors for that time of the year, on in glitzy yarn for a special evening out, and even ones made from kids’ cardigans in team colors. It just doesn’t get any easier than this!


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