Gee, I have to tell you, I thought this ‘technique’ was MY idea!  I find a stitch I want to try, crochet it for a while, become bored with it or just dislike it, and voila! I put an edging on it and it becomes a scarf!  Why didn’t I ever try to publish my idea??

Well, Leisure Arts thought to publish it.  Their new book, “Learn A Stitch, Create A Scarf”, has a somewhat different reason for being – learn a stitch rather than tire of it – but the idea remains the same.  I like this idea…..

There are several scarves in this book which would enlarge nicely into plush stoles.  Most would make great afghans.  There are two that are definitely masculine and are depicted as such with color choices.  But, they would work well for a woman of child too.  Others are definitely feminine.  Most are very practical with various skill levels and readily available yarns.  This would be an especially nice gift for an advanced beginner – an easy way to expand skills without having to take on a huge project.

Book Specs:
Leisure Arts # 4518
ISBN 1601407696
Author/designer: Mary E. Nolfi
Pages:56 with many color photographs
List Price is $12.95 USD

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