Learn Bruges Lace

If you’re a bit like me, you’ve admired Bruges Lace from afar, assured that the technique was too advanced for you.  Not so!  This new book by Ellen Gormley really breaks down the stitch pattern into ‘bite-sized pieces’, using basic stitches even a beginner can master, making it far more accessible than I would have imagined.

Individual, close-up, step by step photos, charts, and instructions guide the crocheter from beginning stitch to finished project.  One challenge I was sure I couldn’t pull off was taking this squiggly stitch motif from straight to circular.  Again, this book shows me how.  On the cover, you see the basic stitch pattern used in a pretty scarf, tot cap, and full sized afghan.  Maybe that’s too much for you?  If so, you’ll enjoy starting with this bit of Bruges Lace for your wrist.

There are four more patterns in this book.  The Spiral Cowl is a stunner!  You’ll enjoy making all of these pretty things.

Book Specs:

Learn Bruges Lace by Ellen Gormley

Annie’s Attic Book #871206, 2012

56 pages, soft cover

ISBN:  9781596355477

$9.95 USD


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    Thank you so much for the review! I’ve been eyeing the book ever since the first put it up on Annie’s site. I just didn’t know if I was ready to tackle a new technique. But you made it sound great, so I will have to buy this book now!

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