Learn To Granny

The Granny Square is one of the time-honored basics of crochet.  It is both a boon and a curse.  It’s a boon because it is so flexible in design and is a great way to ‘stash bust’.  It’s also a really useful square that can, with little alteration, become a single-squared afghan for an adult or baby.  Granny squares can be combined and used to create everything from a simple potholder to haute couture.  Why is it, then, a curse to crochet?  Only because so many people think that the granny is old fashioned, all we can make, and representative of all of crochet.  Wrong on so many levels!

That said, the ubiquitous Granny Square is a simple but mind-boggling hurdle for many crocheters who simply cannot master it.  Finally, a nifty little tutorial has been created, showing you how to ‘build’ a Granny and use it to make a very attractive blanket.  Of course, you can change the colors to suit your own tastes and needs.  And, the size can be adjusted too.  So, check out Sarah’s blog here to get the scoop.  You, too, can master the Granny.


  1. Barbara says

    Drops has a lot of granny things coming up in their summer catalog. No patterns available the last time I was looking


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