Let’s Dish Crochet

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I will begin teaching crochet to the middle schoolers where I volunteer in a couple of weeks.  So, I have been on the look out for dish cloth patterns that I could use to teach the basic crochet stitches.  We’ll practice tension and counting stitches, but we can still produce a useable dish cloth even if the edges and the shape aren’t perfect.  What mom will complain when a kid brings home her/his first crochet project – even if it’s not perfect?

This first pattern is from Fabi and uses a single crochet V stitch (see link below).  So, I think I’d teach it first without changing yarns.  That comes later.

cro dishcloth pineapple 0814

Alexis  Middleton created these very cute Pineapple Dish Cloths.  See link to her pattern below.  These would be very cute and decorative in the kitchen.  Might be a bit ambitious for beginners, but if it sparks their imagination, they will be willing to work a bit harder.



cro potholder 0814

Here’s another one that looks fairly easy and works up nicely as shown in the variegated yarn (always my fave!).  This pattern is from the ‘dishclothdiaries’ which sounds pretty much like my life 😉  Cleaning is not my favorite thing!  I think the only problem a beginner would have with this pattern is with the border.  But, I like the border so if the kids make the whole dish cloth, I think s/he’d be ready to attempt the border.  Or, we could just work single crochets around to stabilize.  Pretty much will depend on the kid.  See the link below.

If you have a link to any other simple dishcloths (or face cloths), please feel free to share a link or pattern source.  I want to engage these kids minds and fingers.  Crochet is so therapeutic that I believe it will be a very valuable skill for kids of middle school age to learn.  Once they master the simple stitches, we’ll move onward and upward.




Fabi’s V-stitch dishcloth

Alexis’ Pineapple Dishcloth

Dishclothdiaries Dishcloth


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    Lovin’ the new look, JD! Very clean and simple, easy to read and find things for sight impaired kids like me:) Also kudos for teaching crochet to the middle school kids! How awesome is that!

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    Ni-i-ce! Everything is! Gizmo doesn’t seem to jump around as much at this New/Improved… But L?VED the Old Site. Got Lost wondering around in it! Smile

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