This sweet book is not so little, but it’s full of designs for the little ones.

I’m becoming quite the fan of Linda Permann.  While a lot of the designs in this pretty book cover familiar ground, there is a fresh twist to most that make the book a pleasure to own.

Standard in all books for babies and toddlers are afghans, clothing, and a few toys.  In this book, the traditional afghan made of bright blocks has a nice mix of motifs, one of which is made fresh with the addition of a simple strand of yarn embroidered in it.  So simple!  The round ripple style afghan has a pretty sun-ray center with a flame motif accenting the last few rows of each point.

Garments include adorable leg warmers, two cute sundresses which can double as winter jumpers, a nice pair of long pants sized to fit over a diaper and keep the tummy covered too, and several sweaters, one of which, the Ribbed Cardigan, is absolutely precious!

Best of all the garments is a Hooded Capelet shown in Noro Silk Garden.  This lovely design, with a clever change of color, would make a perfect Christmas cover-up or an outstanding Halloween Costume (Little Red Ridinghood).  Any little girl would be thrilled to have this one!  Made in the right colors, a little boy could be a caped Super Hero (think Batman).

There are booties, bibs, caps, appliques, a cute toy ball, and an appealing owl pillow which would do nice double duty as a pajama bag.  There’s even a stuffed giraffe!

This book contains all you’ll need for the baby or toddler except the actual kid!  Nicely presented, fresh designs make this book a nice addition to any crocheter’s library.

Book Specs:

160 pages softback

Potter Craft Publishers, 2010

ISBN 9780307586582


  1. ronnieT says

    I have found Linda’s instructions to be clear and well written. It’s a pity that the girls are getting to be too big for these patterns.

  2. Stephanie B. says

    I’m always looking for new baby designs to crochet this book seems to have some new and interesting things. I would love to see this!

  3. Janice M. Salotti says

    It looks like just the book to create lovely one-of-a-kind gifts. I’d enjoy using it often.

  4. Ingrid says

    Your description of the book sounds as if I have found “the” source for ideas to make for our little ones! Thank you!

  5. Shelly E says

    i’m expecting my first child in November, this would be a great book to have!

  6. crystal says

    i have found a love for crocheting and this book will defiantly help me share that with my baby girl due in september!

  7. Jennifer Maurizzio says

    After retiring, I started crocheting. This book will give me the opportunity to make all the grandbabies great gifts.

  8. smfsprout says

    I am new to crocheting and I get excited when I see books like this because I become inspired to practice so that I can make the items in the book. Thanks.

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