Wish I had a pattern for this Gymboree bag. Think I can figure it out? I’d change the colors to match a pretty little dress.

Since I finished the butterfly poncho for Peytan, I began thinking about cute little girl’s patterns for this Spring. What little girl wouldn’t love to have a special little purse to go with her Easter dress? (Actually, my own daughter, now 21, would have nothing to do with a dress, much less a purse until she was over 14!! But, I can dream, can’t I?)

So, I surfed the net and found some patterns that might be of interest. I’ve linked them below. Most are really simple little bags that can be made special with your own choice of pretty yarns and perhaps a motif appliqued onto it – say a Spring flower or a star or a balloon or whatever might interest the little girl in your life.

Please let me know what you think about these patterns. – this is a super simple style that done in two strands of yarn. You could jazz it up or leave it plain. – another very simple design, shown in two different colors with optional embellishments. – for something TOTALLY different, this would be just the ticket! Use your imagination to create an exquisitely colorful Shark Tails purse for your sweetie! – a ‘different’ little drawstring bag done in cotton. This would be very sweet done in Spring colors. – a sunny little tote that would brighten any outfit. Change the colors to suit yourself. – a Priscilla Hewitt design, very simple. I love the variegated look of it and the simple lines. – a Pixie Purse that lends itself to all kinds of alterations. Pick beads that set off the Easter dress. A totally different shape that may well appeal to a slightly older child.

Finally, Thata’s blog has a several bags that would work for a little girl. Check them out for inspiration!


THATA’s purse is above. Thata emailed me about another great pattern for a little girl. Take a look. There’s a pattern w/schematics and a picture also.

First link is to the picture.

Next is the pattern.


  1. dj says

    I like the sunshine tote (sans the frightening eyes!). and even though it’s a sun shape, I think any color combination would work up nicely.

    I love, love, love the strawberry bag! IMHO it’s so adorable that the question of matching the outfit is moot. the “berry” part looks easy to make but the “cap” might take a bit of figuring.

    good luck!

  2. says

    Cute purse collection jd! My little 5yo was only interested in the first two and the Priscilla Hewitt design. I have a bunch of other little kid ones she likes, from Crochet world I think.

  3. says

    dj suggested to me that the fish purse would actually make a good treasure bag for a little boy. I think she has a good idea! I love the colors of the clown fish but any colors that a kid liked would work – so long as they’re bright.
    thanks for all the thoughtful comments.

  4. says

    I love strawberry, I think I’ll try to make it…. It so cutie….. I have some leftover thread with this colour… Hope I have time :))

    JD, you could make some cuties bags..of these site…:))

  5. sharon says

    hi im trying to fine the strawberry purse for little girls….but cant fine the site for it..could you send to me please..i love the picture of it ..thanks sharon

  6. Betty says

    Hi, I am trying to access the patterns for the purses, but I’ve not been able to. Could you tell me how? Thanks Betty

    Betty, these links are not really links. Need to be cut and pasted into your browser’s address bar. Which pattern in particular are you trying to find? Email me with that info and I’ll try to figure it out.


  7. Carolyn Jarratt says

    Did anyone ever find a pattern of the strawberry bag pictures at top of page if so I would sure love to have the pattern

  8. Carol says

    Would like to know where I can find the pattern for the little strawberry purse Feb. 21 shown on this site, looks like others are looking for it also? Please advise where it can be found. Thanks.

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