Tension Magazine, a new online (only) crochet magazine is headed our way!

tension mag  1109

This trendy new magazine is directed at urban crocheters – and, I think, a decidedly young, hip community.  Nonetheless, this middle aged woman (ME!) is looking forward to seeing what the publishers have in store for us.

While I truly love having a magazine or book in my hands to leaf through again and again, it’s clear that our media is changing.  There may always be a place for printed materials (Oh, I SOOO hope there is), the shape and method of artful expression is evolving.  Freeing us of the bonds of air mail and customs, online books and magazines will offer a smorgasbord of global crochet and other arts and disciplines – everything from religion to Risk (the board game) will be available to anyone with a computer and is never closed.  Like it or not, it’s coming our way.


  1. lee ann beausejour says

    Unfortunately, it means, that I have to get on the computer at home when I can be crocheting!! Hi Joanie!!

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