Here are some blogs that I’ve recently viewed.  So much inspiration here!!

I love the garland here – and her great color choices:

crochet garland stars  1209

Always on the lookout for sweet baby afghans.  There’s a very lovely free pattern, the Tiramisu Blanket here:

Scroll down at this next site to see the necklace and a more detailed picture of it.  I made a similar one for myself which I wound up giving to Teresa after she gave me the World’s Coolest Afghan(see ).  I got the idea from our friend Ronnie Titus who made one for me out of silk yarn she had bought from me and made into a wonderful sweater.  The scraps she worked into a pretty necklace that I wear fairly often.

cro knit necklace  1209TARA FREY NECKLACE

Imagine what a good idea this would be to make a scrap necklace to match a cardigan or shrug you’ve crocheted!

This is DOILY HEAVEN – such eyecandy – and good ideas for using those vintage finds and the ones that we make with our own hands.  Plus, scroll to the bottom and click on her other article about doilies:

doily weekend blog 1209

Scroll down a bit at this site to see what you could do with lace or doilies that have some really bad spots in them.  I’m not a fan of cutting up vintage items, but sometimes you must to save even a bit of them.  I like how this artist uses bits and pieces.  Of course, you can wrap whole doilies around fabric to do this also.

What about a scarf disguised as a cupcake?  Great idea for presentation here:

I’ll be posting some more crochet blogs soon.  Stay tuned…..


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    Love the crocheted garland, what a clever idea. Doing some blog walking this am and am enjoying my visit here. Swing by for a visit, the welcome mats always out.

    Happy New Years

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