Lovely Crochet(volution)

I just love this sunflower – and it has an interesting story.  You can read its story and get the free pattern designed by Julia Schwartz here.  I only found this beauty because I was intrigued by the description of this shawl.

Cheri McEwen offers a pattern for this lovely shawl here.

While I’m not sure I have any place in my house for the stunning Sunflower, I certainly have a place right on my own shoulders for the Butterflies Shawl.  I think I even have the perfect yarn for it on hand.  Yummy stuff here……


  1. Wanda says

    Funny thing……..I’m working on that shawl right now. And another funny thing……it pertains to your CP post about crocheting while watching the Olympics. This was something I started and tried to do while watching. Well, several frogs later and even putting the one started in Red Heart Plush aside and starting another in regular Red Heart (soft grey), I still had to frog several times. I think I’m on the right track now but really have to pay attention on the Row 11 rows. There were probably several reasons I had so much trouble:
    1) the pattern isn’t written the best
    2) brain foggy from dealing with kidney stones
    3) trying to do it while watching the Olympics :)
    You will have to let me know if you try it and how it does for you.

  2. Di Sturgess says

    There’s a problem with the blue ‘here’ link for the Sunflower pattern – shows up with 2 x http:// at the beginning …

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