Mandala Wandering

This has been a beautiful adventure.  Come along with me to see all the eye candy along the way.

Kara’s Overlay Mandala

First, Kara over at emailed me to show me the stunning Overlay Mandala she has recently completed.  Her work is amazing.  The interplay of color and the detail of the design are exquisite!  Of course, when I saw her finished project, I had to click on all the links to see where all this beauty originated.

Kara posted that she got the design via this blog where you can see a bunch of other versions of these delicious designs (and maybe vote for your fave).  Of course, when I read where Kara got her original pattern for this project, I had to go take a look.  Oh, my!  How have I not been made aware of CaroCreated Designs?  Of maybe I’d heard of them but had forgotten!  WAH!!  Well, at least I found my way there.  These detailed crochet designs are simply amazing.  I can’t wait to get my hands on one of her patterns to make one for myself.  Oh, the dilemma.  Which one will I get first??


I find myself leaning toward these pretty rosettes.  But, then there are the paisley looking pieces, the cute owls, and so many others.  Hmm.  I’ll let you know……


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