The first crocheter’s work that caught my eye at the recent Green with Indie craft show was that of Marti Winger.  I saw that plarn from afar and made a bee line to see if there was other crochet at her booth.  As I dug through her huge plastic shopping bag flowers and upcycled totes, I found some lovely crochet.


Marti has crocheted some tiny produce bags to hold individual pieces of fruit!  I couldn’t figure out what they were, so I asked.  What a clever idea when purchasing ripe fruit to prevent bruising!  Next to the produce bags were some pretty potholders, crocheted in appealing covers from rescued yarns.

Marti's Pidge

On Marti’s other table were several scarves.  The one I liked best was a pidge crocheted of what looked like LB Homespun yarn (a fave of mine).  Don’t know where that yarn originated, but the yarn was adorned with a large, recycled button that set it off nicely.

I was so pleased to see ANYONE showing crochet at this craft fare.  Marti is an affable woman from the St. Louis area who has an attractive website worth a visit:            and her blog

Check it out!

Marti's Capelet


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