Monster Crochet

cro monster cap 1213

I don’t have a little one to make this cute monster cap for, but I bet a lot of my readers do!  Isn’t it scary-cute?  Anne Granger offers her pattern and tutorial on her blog so you can make one or more for yourself.  I can see how every kid on the block will want one, so be careful who you make it for!  LOL

I actually got to her blog because I was referred there from a reader with whom I had been discussing how to size crocheted caps.  So, it’s Sonia Carr’s fault that I found the cute monster.  But, the really useful piece here is the equation for sizing a crocheted cap and the nice grid Anne Granger created as an essential resource for all crocheters.  You can read how to determine what size your cap needs to be and how to do the math in her blog article here.  Bookmark that link because I can promise you that you will need it from time to time in future.  I know I’ll be using it!

cro minion cap 1213

And, if you don’t think this is the CUTEST Minion Hat ever, then there might be something wrong with you!  Thanks to Tia’s talent, you can make one for your own cutie pie using her free pattern and tutorial here.  Heads will be turning to check out those googly eyes!


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    Very nice Minion hat, except for the canning jar lids, in my opinion. You can crochet the goggles easily with gray yarn.

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