Potholders are usually quick to work up.  I find this one to be particularly attractive.  Made in a variety of colors, they’d make wonderful hostess gifts.

Got a toddler in the family?  How much fun would it be fore him or her to wear this cutie?  I bet you’ll have to make one for every kid in the family!  I wouldn’t even think of making it in cotton, either.  Acrylic would tend to be much easier to care for.  For a babe in arms, pair this with some simple tube socks in white with a snowman face on the top of each one.  Here‘s a pattern for the baby tube sock.  Just add the ‘facial features’ .

For something a bit more sophisticated, try this doily that will work up for a beginner or an expert, in any size thread, or make it larger by using yarn.  Doilies work fine for small decorative pieces like coasters (in this case you’d have to add a backing fabric like wool felt), place mats, hot pads (you might need a backing for this one), larger decorative pieces to place under a vase or table lamp, larger decorative table toppers, or smaller and stiffened to use as an ornament or package topper.  Such a versatile little thing!  If you’re new to thread or doily-making, start with this one and work up to more complex doilies that you can find online.  There are many free patterns and a great deal more to be found in older (and new) books and magazines.

Addendum:  I just found this one.  I’d eliminate using green in it because it wouldn’t stand out from the tree.  This is so cute.  Just red and white yarn would be perfect.

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