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I recently shared a raft of patterns for you (not free) that I found on Etsy.  Well, I decided to share some for you from the parent company that owns this blog.  There are oodles of free patterns for all sorts of crafts for you at  Here are some of the best crochet patterns I found for you.

I love this little wrap with its intricate edging and its flexibility of how you can use it – as a skirt, as a shawl, or over a bathing suit or pair of leggings.  So pretty.  See the pattern here.

cro craft buttons 0714

Want to learn how to make buttons that will perfectly match any garment you crochet?  Here’s a useful pattern for you.

cro craft wire holder 0714

What a clever and attractive way to keep track of all those electric cords we have in our homes and offices!  Great way to use up some yarn scraps too.  Get this pattern here.

cro craft harness 0714Need to corral the cats (or teddy bears)?  This quick, easy crochet harness should do the trick.  Find the pattern here.

cro craft bracelet 0714

Want to please a teen or tween (or me) with a quick, cute scrappy project?  This simple project will do just that!  You could add buttons, beads, or charms to embellish each bracelet.  These looked to me like they might have been worked over water bottle ‘rings’ but they are not.  However, if you wanted to do that, you’d get the same look with more stability.  Either way, you can use this pattern.

cro craft monkey bkmk 0714

Got a sock monkey fan at your house?  Work up this curious little bookmark for him or her.  Won’t take long to make a batch of them as all the other kids will want their own!  See the pattern here.

cro craft marbles 0714


Lest you think I’ve lost my marbles, I assure I have not.  They are easy to keep track of in these cute necklaces!  I will be making a necklace for my friend who is a nurse on a psych ward so that she can also assure your patients that she has not lost their marbles no matter how mean they think she is!!  Use yarn or thread.  Use up scraps.  Use vintage marbles or buy some new ones at the craft store.  Learn how to make them here.

There are a gazillion more FREE patterns on craftbits, so go there and spend some time browsing through all that’s there.  You’ll also find knit patterns and patterns and instructions for all manner of crafting.  Such a great resource and always free to its readers.


  1. JacqBrisbane says

    I always enjoy your project highlights. Tks JD.
    The Lacy Crochet Cord Holder is a nice idea. But there’s no information on how it is secured in the instructions. I hope the designer fixes this omission.
    Yours in crochet from wintery Brisbane, Australia.

  2. says

    Jacq, it looks to me like you make this like you would a scrunchy and slip it over the ‘wad’ of cords you want to contain. In fact, it might be even more useful with elastic in it.

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