I continue to be a fan of this wonderful UK produced crochet magazine!  I thought I would share a few of my favorite projects from inside this issue.

First, I just happen to have one of the recommended yarns for the Hill of Tara Shawl pictured on the lower right corner of the cover.  This is a simple pattern that creates a stunning shawl.  The yarn will do most of the ‘heavy lifting’ in this project.  I have 10 skeins of LB Amazing yarn in the Ruby Colorway that I’ll use to make this shawl.  The pictured shawl uses two different colorways – which is a great idea and one I might do yet.

The Pewter Tunic on page 59 is one of those patterns that can be worked up as a tunic, dress, blouse, or pull over sweater.  The stitch pattern is intricate looking and I suspect that yarn choice will be key in creating a subtly shaded garment that can be worn to the office or out for a soiree.

Other projects include the pretty cover filet style tunic, a very handsome child’s jacket in tunisian, an elegantly simple filet scarf, and several other projects that probably won’t make it onto my ‘to-do’ list – but well be ones you’d like.

One of my favorite regular features in “Yarns We Love” where four to six yarns are featured, described in detail, including price, and shown crocheted into a motif.  This is valuable information that pulls me in one direction or another for each yarn – usually toward ALL of them!  And, with this information, alone, I can determine if the yarn will work for a project I have in mind.

In the US, you may have trouble locating this magazine.  It is carried by some Border’s stores, some Barnes and Noble stores, and probably other booksellers I don’t have access to.  It’s also available as a download from  It’s a pricey subscription – actually quite reasonable for a monthly publication – but I have no faith that the magazines would make it intact all the way from the UK to my St. Louis address – if they made it at all.  Such items are frequently stolen along the way (in my experience).  I prefer to buy it monthly at local booksellers.  If you’re in the UK, I’d recommend subscribing.


  1. Evelene Sterling says

    I know what you mean about it not making it to you. I have trouble with my Post Office because I never get my BH&G magazine. The one time I did it was all rolled up like someone had stashed it away to read it and then put it in my mail box. I forgot why I stopped my magazine subscriptions and after this I will not renew, just pick them up in the store.

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