Modular crochet is an incredible design technique.  With only minimal crochet experience, almost anyone can create a garment that will fit anyone reasonably well using this technique.  There are several books on this subject, some of which I’ve previously reviewed, and several websites.  However, this site is one of the most thorough free sites I’ve found.

You’ll need to take your time exploring this site.  There are pages and pages of potential designs for you to chose from.  There’s lots of information to take in.  Here’s a sample schematic:

I hate most patterns that start with any wording similar to “make 12 (or 150) of these”.  Not my cuppa tea usually.  But, I’m a person whose body is well suited to the boxy, less structured styles fairly easily accomplished using modular technique.  The easiest modular technique as far as fit is concerned IMO is to make the garment from smaller squares or motifs.  That’s what this site teaches you to do.

Of course, you can make many other things using smaller squares – everything from coasters to afghans.  So, you might enjoy browsing this site to learn more about the technique or just to see the pretty squares the designer offers.


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