Here are a few more ideas for re-fashioning your wardrobe – or thrift store finds – incorporating crochet.  The site with the ribbons threaded through the sweater shows a couple of ideas.  Check those out by clicking on the link below the picture.

If you happen to have a crocheted tablecloth in the closet that you don’t like anymore (gulp..), you’ll like the ideas on this page:

Wanna know how to go from a crocheted tank top to a crocheted tote?  Check this out:

There are a gazillion ideas for re-fashioning.  As I find exceptional ones, I’ll continue to post them.  Hope you like these.  I LOVE the idea of making something from nothing or from a ‘throw away’ or from some dowdy thing hanging in my closet.  With your hook, some yarn or thread, scissors, and some ingenuity, you can make things like these.  If you do, please share with us!

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