More Ways To Wrap Your Scarf

cro scarf wrap 0113


I recently ran across a great (new to me) way to wrap a scarf.  This does not have to be a crocheted scarf, but since we’re all about crochet here, you can use any of these to wrap all those crochet scarves you want to make.  If you’re making a scarf for a fashionista, you might want to print off some of these ideas and add them with your scarf.  I know that I was certainly not aware that there were so many ways to wrap or use a scarf!  Did you?

Pictured here are just a few of the thirty eight ways the TipJunkie shows to wrap a scarf.  Some are crocheted, some knitted, some woven.  Doesn’t matter what your scarf is made of, you can wrap them all the same way if the length is there.

So, here is your homework.  Take out a scarf you have already made (hoping you’ve made one or two for yourself) and practice some of these nifty ways to drape a scarf to see which one(s) suits you best.  I don’t have much of a neck, but I still like to wear scarves when it’s cold outside – less a fashion statement than a frigid necessity.



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    JD, don’t know if you know this about me but in addition to designing crochet scarves and other things, I’m a certified image consultant and used to teach workshops on personal image before I became disabled years ago. This is a handout I would have loved to have had back then!

    Scarves are such a fabulous accessory and we all love them! But I know I am often guilty of just tossing one around my neck in some careless manner and wishing I could do something really cool with it! Thank you, thank you for sharing this wonderful chart (in addition to your prior share on the scarf tying in a previous blog)! I am going to keep this handy in my dressing area for reference!

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