My Top Five Crochet Bracelets

cro bracelet 1 1213


Bracelets are hot, hot, hot right now!  I wear my bangles every day and often add one or more additional bracelets to match an outfit.  I love bracelets.  So, it makes sense for me to combine my love of crochet with my love of bracelets.  You’ll like them too.  If you are crocheting for a fashionista or just a teen or tween, you’ll find some great ideas her to make for them.  Bracelets are the perfect project to get done in an evening.  Great for using up scraps of yarn too.  But, the fun part is to then add beads, charms, or other embellishments.  I bet you have most of these things around your home already so no need to make a special run to the yarn/craft store.  Pick your favorite pattern and make a few!

The bracelets above can be make using this free pattern.

cro bracelet 2 1213

This is a simple cuff that you can make with the leftover yarn from your latest sweater, shawl, or scarf project.  Nice to have a matching cuff to wear with it.  Choose a great button to add a lot of splash!

cro bracelet 3 1213

This is a similar cuff but with beads added.  Don’t worry.  It’s not hard to add small beads to your crochet.  If you’ve never done that, this is a perfect beginner project.  Just be sure that your beads (or crystals) all have clean holes so your thread won’t rub against a rough spot and fray.

cro bracelet 4 1213

Sue (AKA Mrsmicawber) has several very cute bracelet patterns for us.  This one is especially nice since it’s stackable.  Make several and mix and match them based on your wardrobe or mood.  I think they’re just lovely!

cro bracelet 5 1213

I really like the looks of these chunkier cabled bracelets.  I know some guys who would wear them too!  Again, your color choice(s) will make all the difference in how you wear them – or to whom you give them.  They are fairly easy to make and a video tutorial is available in addition to the free pattern.


  1. linda philley says

    i would like to make a garland like the picture that has a blue pink and green bracelet with a few beads all thru it– the photo before the chunky bracelets–and i can’t find the pattern can you help me /

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