Need A Square?

Have you seen this book?  If you need a square or other block patterns to crochet, this is a great source for patterns.  I found this book at the library during one of my routine visits there.  I carried it home to peruse despite the fact that I typically hate to join squares.  But, I am a sucker for pretty motifs.  I find other uses for them.

If you want to crochet a bunch of blocks then join them to create a blanket, you’ll find plenty of patterns in this book.  However, if you’re like me, you’ll want to use the motifs and blocks found in the book to make doilies, coasters, hot pads, appliques and more.  Every one of the 300 blocks contains a charted design to accompany the written pattern.  I’m a fan of the written patterns, but those charts can come in useful if I’m unsure of the wording.

The author, Linda Schapper, has collected a wonderful array of motifs.  There are many that are variations on a square or triangle, there are ‘wheels’ and crosses, there are hexagons, florals, bobbles and post stitches to create texture, and all manner of variations on all these themes.  I would have preferred to see some of these examples worked up in pretty yarns rather than the same ecru thread used throughout.  But, having them all worked in the same thread probably makes them easier to determine ways to mix and match.

No matter how they are photographed, there are plenty of choices for block in this book.  It’s also the heft of an encyclopedic value.  This is no little, fluffy paperback!  It’s a whopping 256 page hardback book, making it a nice investment for your crochet library.

Book Specs:

300 Classic Blocks For Crochet Projects by Linda P. Schapper

Lark Books, 2008

256 page hardback with over 300 color photographs

ISBN:  9781579909130

$24.95 USD

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