Every now and then, we need a gift ‘right now’ or tonight or tomorrow – and we’d like to crochet it.  Well, here’s an idea that has appeared here and elsewhere, but I really like this one.  Don’t forget to check out the (real) cupcakes below the blanket.

The instructions on the linked blog are quite incomplete – unless you buy a blanket that already has the stitching around the edge.  I’ve seen those for about $5 in lots of places.  But, you can also buy a length of the polar fleece type fabric (many brand names) and stitch your own binding to crochet into.  To accomplish this, check here for instructions.  It’s pretty easy to do, but best if done with yarn similar to that you’ll be crocheting the edging with.  Don’t use sewing thread for your binding as it’ll cut through your yarn with very little use.  Best to separate your yarn to get a single or double strand of it (if it’s thicker than double ply) to create your binding.  This works the same for edging blankets, towels, or for those cute dresses where you join a crocheted bodice to a fabric skirt.  You’ll get hooked on this technique.  It makes a very quick ‘crochet’ project.


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