Renew a favorite pair of scuffed up shoes using the clever ideas in the link above.


GET YOUR BROOMSTICKS OUT! Why not try a new technique? Better use a large knitting needle than an actual broomstick. I always knew I’d find a use for knitting needles! This is an especially good tutorial.

IF YOU’RE ADVENTUROUS, YOU NEED TO HAVE A MAGIC BALL. Create a scrumble – a freeform thingie. Have fun with it. There are NO rules. Add a bit each night when you’re eyes are crossing and you can’t follow a pattern. Add to the magic ball or scrumble every time you’ve finished a project and have leftover yarn.

Refer to this site for more info on freeform crochet:


  1. says

    A neighbor of mine whom I found out had passed away this year, taught me how to do the broom stick lace. I think I may still have the broom stick. I like out it turned out, but if I were to try it out again, I think i would need alittle more practice with it. When I did try it a few years ago, it came out alittle uneven, lol. But at least i tried, huh?

  2. JacqBrisbane says

    Hello JD
    Please note the link you have for the magic ball is no longer working. I am very fond of this particular page (looks like a lady with a sense of humour (or humor!) and managed to track down her new addy:

    Yours in crochet.

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