Not Just For Sledding

April Draven Sledding Hat


I ran across this crafty winter hat that April designed for herself when she and her daughter were sledding.  For me (who seldom sleds), it’s a perfect hat for St. Louis’ very cold, damp, windy, wintry days when I walk outside.  I must protect my mouth and throat from the cold wind or my asthma will flare up.  Scarves work ok – but seldom stay in place for a full hour long walk.  The mouth-covering buttoned to this hat looks like the perfect solution for me.  I might forgo the braids, but they’re awfully cute.  I also like the top knot treatment.  That looks so much like what I add to hats for little ones.  I call them worms.  Anything that adds a little height on me is a good thing.  LOL.

April has oodles of hat designs, some for sale on her etsy site and many for free on her blog .  There are about thirty free patterns on her blog (not all hats).  If you are into Twilight, Zelda, or other fantasy themes, April is likely to have a design for you.  She has dolls, too.  And a free mitten pattern that’s easy as pie.

Twilight Bella Mittens

To spiff up those mittens, you can add the pretty embellishment that April created.

There are a lot more goodies on April’s blog and at her Etsy shop.  This young woman has quite the creative mind.  If you’d like to tackle your first ever charted pattern, one of her hats with a charted insert might be the perfect project for you.  Take some time to nose around her blog.  You’re sure to find something to tempt you to pull out yarn and hook right away.  For me, the Sledding Hat is a must-make project, well worth the modest $3.00 price tag for the pattern.


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